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Busty Milf Wifey in Grey Sweater

Wifey looks impossible hot in this body hugging sweater. In fact with tits as big as wifey’s, all clothes become body hugging. As you can see from the pictures below, Wifey has a killer pair of firm breasts which seem to be getting better with age. Feel the blood rush to your cock as Wifey pulls her top over those big firm melons. If only we could feel them, suck them, bite those nipples in real life! We can only dream!

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Wifey Loves Cum, And Pool

Ahh Wifey, Stiffler’s mum never stood a chance against are without a doubt the hottest Milf to ever grace the internet. And like a fine wine, Wifey keeps getting better with age. And make no mistake, Wifey is still a peice of ass…blessed with the body of a 20 yearold! Enjoy these pics of wifey shooting pool with her awesome big tits hanging out. And of course, if you want more of Wifey, head over to her website WifeysWorld.


Wifey the Busty Cop

Just when I figured Wifey could not possibly get any hotter! She has done it again! This time by putting a gun in her hand, and wearing a slutty police uniform. Seeing Wifey with a gun leads me to this question? Imagine Wifey as an Action Girl!? All oiled up, firing heavy autmatic weapons and flame throwers! Titties bouncing in slow motion as she fires her weapon…Ahh, ok, I guess I am dreaming again, but what a dream it would be! Wifey, you can arrest me any day baby! For those of you who have been under a rock for the past 10 years, and have not been to Wifey’s website yet, head on over to

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Wifey shows off her Natural DD’s

Wifey from WifeysWorld is the sexiest milf in the world, without a doubt! Her website has been around since 1997, but wifey keeps getting hotter with age! Enjoy these pics of wifey in a white silky dress that shows off a ton of cleavage. You rock wifey!


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