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Busty Asian Fuko 120cm Chest

Enjoy these pics of the busty Japanese goddess Fuko, who stands at 4’11” with a  whopping 3’11” chest! To see these big natural asian tits in real life would be an amazing experience, but thankfully the guys over at Busty Asians have a boobload of Videos for us to jerk off too. Check out Fuko’s Videos at Busty Asians.


Fuko Soaped Tits Video

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Japanese busty Idol, Fuko, is known for her large breasts. She has been showing off those large breasts of hers for a while and it’s difficult to get tired of watching them get played with. This video will show you her tits getting soaped by a pair of hands owned by a very lucky guy. If I were washing her boobs, I’d definitely enjoy it too.

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Fuko Makes Her First Hardcore Movie

Fuko finally unleashes her gigantic tits and lets her fans see them. She reveals her much anticipated breasts as she makes her first hardcore movie. Yes, Fuko now has her own hardcore movie where her large tits will no longer be hidden under her tight tops. From bikini model to hardcore porn star, surely a lot of her followers will be delighted to find out that she has crossed over. Let’s hope to see more of Fuko and her sexy boobs from here on out.

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Fuko Gets Her Big Breasts Groped

Hot and busty Japanes AV Model Fuko displays her enormous and gorgeous breasts as they get groped by skillful hands. These photos below are shots from a video where this AV Idol and her huge breasts are featured. Having her breasts oiled and massaged is a hot scene you don’t want to miss. This hot busty Asian loves getting her boobs groped and fondled as you can see that she’s got that cute smile on her face as a horny guy plays with her healthy boobies.

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Fuko and her Big Asian Tits

Since posting a picture of Fuko at my website, I have had a huge influx of email requesting that I post more pictures of her. Since I only update titsintops once a week, I have decided to add more pics of Fuko here at ChestMeat. Fuko is definately a freak of nature. This slim waisted asian beauty stands at a tiny 4’12”, but get this! Fuko, is only 19 yearsold, yet has managed to grow herself a breastacular pair of all natural metric P Cup boobs! To see Fuko walking around in the flesh would be an absolute honour! You trully are a goddess Fuko! For those of you who would like to see more, head on over to Busty Asians. This is where these pictures come from.

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