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Playboy Miss December 1968 – Cynthia Myers

I was just browsing around one of my fav blogs PrimeCurves, and found this gallery of 1968 PlayBoy model Cythia Myers. One thing you will notice about Cynthia is her very unique shaped breasts. I guess you could call them Rocket Boobs, or big pointers. Whatever you want to call them, Cynthia has an awesome set of pointy perkys!! They don’t make big tits like this anymore! You can view more of Cynthia’s pics by clicking below…or heading straight to PlayBoy. 

cynthia myersrocket tits


2 Responses to Playboy Miss December 1968 – Cynthia Myers

  1. vhanna says:

    Udderly magnificent!!!

  2. Sean says:

    You could nurse on those torpedos for about a year and never come up for air.

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