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Nelli Roono Slow Motion Video Stills

Hey guys, this is the latest news on Nelli Roono. Busty.Pl have just released a slow motion video of Nelli, prooving to the world that she is indeed real. (not that I ever doubted the people at Busty.Pl) Interesting information on Nelli Roono’s bra size…she doesn’t have one! Her tits are so enormous, that her bra’s are hand made! Busty.Pl calls it the NR Cup (Nelli Roono Cup Bra)…unfortunately I only have these video captures at this stage, but as soon as better quality pictures or movies become available to me, you can be assured I will post them 🙂 You can read the comments about the latest Nelli Roono movie from Busty.Pl below…

NELLI ROONO in a MOVIE – her first ever – is ready for download !!!

The world was waiting for a proof – for a proof that a girl like NELLI ROONO exists and is not fake.

Even most of You know that has never used tricks and each pair of breasts here is real But seeing NELLI ROONO each doubt is excused. Nelli Roono is 28, 100% polish and her bra size is … NR-CUP (NELLIROONO-CUP).

She wears only hand made bras. NR-CUP is the synonym for over-dimensional size of natural breasts !!!

You’ll learn alot more of NELLI if You stay with us – we’ll teach You everything what a real BNB-expert should know. But now join the historical moment – NELLI ROONO in MOTION and SLOWMOTION !!!”

nelli roononelliroono slow motionnelli roono slo motion


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  1. blowing my load again at work…her tits are too much as she walks toward the camera…cum all over everything…my hand, my Hanes, my jeans.

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