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Natasha The 8th Wonder Of The World

I will never forget the first time I saw Natasha’s enormous natural tits. At first I thought they had to be morphs. But upon closer inspection, and further research, I came to the stunning conclusion they are not morphs at all! How could this be!? How could a girl so thin have boobs 3 times the size of her head? Unfortunately I am unable to answer such questions, but fortunately for us, Natasha walks our planet. And further more, she got them “mam monsters” out on camera for us all to admire. And we have Rico, from to thank for this. His site is amazing…he finds these incredible busty amateur girls from the jungles of Peurto Rico, and puts them on his website. There are many photo and movie sets of Natasha, including a hardcore shoot! I admire the lucky man who got to dick Natasha! Anyway guys, if you want to see more of Natasha, you will have to enter

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2 responses to “Natasha The 8th Wonder Of The World”

  1. Sorry to tell you this, but its’ a ‘well known’ fact on the various newsgroups/big boob admirer sites (such as BEAforum), that when the above photo’s were taken

    a) She was pregnant and
    b) She was legally underage

    The photos were taken off of rollo’s site as soon as this became public knowledge, but now it seems, as she’s of legal age, their coming back online again

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