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Monica From Squirts Milk

Does this top make my tits look big?? For those of you who are still not satisfied with what nature has to offer, the guys over at Mastasia have created a super human oversized breast fantasy. Enjoy these video stills of Monica from Mastasia fondling her own gigantic breasts, and squirting copious amounts of milk. (amazing for someone who doesn’t look pregnant :)). I have also added a Mastasia promo video which gives you a low-res sample version of what you can expect in the members area.

mastasia monicamastasia monica milk

big lactating tits


mastasia video

28 responses to “Monica From Squirts Milk”

  1. dude its fake everybody knows but this is tits fantasie you know they put lots of work in it but hell who dont want that big tit fuck O_O

  2. Ok there’s people with naturally BIG breasts, But these are STUPIDLY BIG! How the hell can you go about normal life , let alone with the way she lactates with barely a squeeze. HOW UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

  3. que pena me da estas mujeres que desgasten asi su leche materna y loponen al ridiculo ,como si les paresiese gracia esto ajjjj que asco me da

  4. Of course they’ve got to be fake; so? Maybe it’s not your thing, that’s okay, there’s plenty out there for ANY taste! 😛

  5. I know, they r all naturally fake super huge breasts! LMAO…Gigantism does exist though, so you never really know…WOW. Could be REAL.

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