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Gianna Michaels Bikini Pictures has been up for a month now, and I am yet to do a Gianna Michaels post. This is an absolute outrage! What kind of big titty blog doesn’t have a Gianna post!? Well I have corrected this problem now with Gianna in a bikini shoot from Busty And Real. Gianna starts off by removing those amazing 34DD breasts from her little bikini top, before getting her lips around a big cock. And in true pornstar style, the shoot ends with a huge load all over Gianna’s face and tits. You can see more of Gianna Michaels at Busty And Real.

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One response to “Gianna Michaels Bikini Pictures”

  1. No Gianna entry? Damn, you were almost guilty of dereliction of duty admin …. LOL!!
    I’m not normally one for woman who are taller than me, but I think I’d look past that for Ms Michaels. A great curvy body and BIG, delicious-looking tits. From what I’ve seen of her in pics and especially vids, she is a dirty, dirty girl. BOO-YAA!!!!

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