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GG Cup Chloe Vevrier Plays Tennis Topless!

Anybody for tennis? Like you would have a chance returning a ball with those big naturals GG’s bouncing around infront of you! This is one of my favourite photoshoots of Chloe Vevrier for obvious reasons. Not only does Chloe have a killer set of titties, but check out that ass! Don’t you just want to bend her over in that little tennis skirt and go mental on that pussy!? Luckily for us boob lovers, Chloe has her own website where you can see tons of her photos and movies. Go check her out at

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3 responses to “GG Cup Chloe Vevrier Plays Tennis Topless!”

  1. I used to play tennis in days gone by and I reckon I would have kept at it had a lass like Chloe been a fixture on the courts. Would it have been a greater struggle playing with her and seeing her ass at the net, or playing against her and having that massive cleavage staring at you while you waited for the serve to come down? I’m gonna go with the 2nd option. A few served balls would have struck me no doubt as I stood stunned, deer-in-the-headlights fashion. My tip, make dear Chloe go for a smash to see her stretch up …. and OUT!!!

  2. I wish she would have been my sister. and I would have played with her and then we take shower together. Its lot of fun to hold such a sis close to you while touching her wherever you want and getting deep looks in her cleavage while hugging her form behind.

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