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FFF Cup Sheyla Hersey Awarded Largest Breast Implants

A FFF Cup surgically enhanced chest, and still not happy! Thats right, Sheyla Hersey wants to go larger! The Brazillian version of Guinness World Records has awarded Sheyla Hershey with the record of the largest breast implants. Eight breast enlargement surgeries have produced size FFF breasts for Hershey and she plans to increase their size even more. Texas state laws prohibit her from fulfilling this desire. Texas state law limits each breast to 1,000 cubic centimeters of silicone, so this would mean Sheyla Hersey would need to break a state law in order to claim the largest breast implants in the world. Current world title holder for the largest breast implants is held by Lolo Ferrari, who’s implants weighed a back breaking 6.2lbs.

sheyla hersey

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