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Dr Carmella Bing from Doctor Adventures

Ever wanted to bone your doctor? I know I have! I recall a time when I was having an ultrasound on my balls. The ultrasound was being performed by a cute female technician, who then called in an even cuter female doctor for help. If I wasn’t fearing for my life I would have probably boned up while they were rubbing gel on my balls. If I had Dr Carmella Bing from Doctor Adventures performing an ultrasound on my balls, there is no doubt I would have cummed on those big meaty titties! It would have to be every guys dream come true! I know if my Doctor looked like Carmella Bing, I would be getting a weekly checkup! Anyway guys, I have provided a link to some movies. Hope you like!


doctor adventures


3 Responses to Dr Carmella Bing from Doctor Adventures

  1. KeV says:

    now thats a good doctors office

  2. admin says:

    Im with you on this Kev!!

  3. Dr Evil says:

    I reckon a regular groin check-up would be the way to go with her.

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