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Denise Milani Does Hawaii! – Blue Tube Top

There has been discussion on the Tits In Tops Forum in regards to Denise Milani lately. Some say her 5 minutes of fame will be over unless she gets those puppies out. Others are upset because her breasts are fake. Whilst I can understand the frustration of Denise not getting topless, at the same time I feel that this is the essense of Denise. Frankly, Denise Milani is a fantasy….a tease. Keeping something to the imagination could be the secret of Denise’s success. If her website debuted with her instantly topless, the appeal would be instantly lossed. It would be just like every other solo girl website out there starring a pretty girl with big fake tits. So for, I continue to indulge in the fantasy that is Denise Milani. Enjoy her new photos, she looks absolutely stunning in Hawaii.

denise milani hawaiidenise milani blue tube top



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  1. Which is what keeps us coming back for more. Every time I see new pics of her I think “Maybe this time”. 🙂

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