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Jeanine Hansen Comfortable in the Living Room

I would love to have Jeanine Hansen stay over at my place any time. If this is her definition of getting comfortable, I’d always invite her over and let her feel comfortable. She would just take her clothes off and let her big juicy tits hang like there’s no one to see them. she may be naughty or kink or promiscuous. Whatever the case, I would love to be around when she goes topless in my living room.

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Maserati Busty Black Girl

You might be familiar with this busty black girl. She’s Maserati and she has a really nice body that will get you hard once she starts falunting it. Her nice breasts will always be noticeable. Whenever she’s wearing a tight top or a skimpy bikini, you can expect ti get a great view of its size and shape. In these photos, you won’t only see how her tits look like in a top, you will also see her bare her breasts for everyone to enjoy.

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Busty Broke Black Coeds

Check out these busty broke black coeds. These are real black girls who submitted naked pictures of themselves showing their sexy young bodies and big juicy tits. They look so hot and desirable. What’s good about them is that they love to let the whole world see their really nice bodies especially their really big breasts.

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Ana Rica Topless

Ana Rica is one hot and busty woman with an impressive pair of tits. Your eyes are sure to pop out when you see her naked breasts. In these images where she goes naked, you will have a generous amount of viewing pleasure on her boobies.

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Rachel Aldana in Red Laced Bra

Britain’s biggest tits are here once again to make our eyes pop. Rachel Aldana will expose her nice pair of boobs while wearing a nice red laced bra. It’s really nice to look at those breasts of hers. Not to mention, she looks slimmer in these images so she looks a lot more sexy while her tits look a lot bigger than before. These pictures are so hot to stare at.

Check out these images courtesy of Rachel Aldana

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Busty Jewish Hotty Sexy Sabra

Thanks so much to Sexy Sabra for taking the time to answer some questions us. It has always been a dream of mine to sleep with a hot jewish girl! Sabra’s husband is a very lucky man! Enjoy the pictures and the interview! Love you work babe!

Name: Shoshanna Meir aka SexySabra.  Sometimes known as israeliwifey

Age: 27

Country: Israel and the US

Height: 5-9’

Eye Color: Hazel

Cup Size: Fluctuate: 30FF – 32E

How did it feel to model topless for the first time? I love being naked!  I am so used to run at the beach with very little on and I used to model when I was a teenager so I guess the camera loves me – especially without clothes 😉

Do you like or dislike the attention your breasts get from men? Look, I am a very attractive girl with perfect large breasts!  Of course guys are going to pay attention.  Why wouldn’t I love it? I take it as a huge compliment – Keep it coming guys 🙂

Do you ever use your “assets” to get what you want from men? Not intentionally, but I do remember this one time I was giving a presentation to a client.  The AC was not working and I was wearing a tight button down white shirt.  I accidentally dropped my pen.  I bended over to pick it up from the floor and I caught this 6 pairs of eyes looking inside my shirt…needles to say I sealed the deal that day 🙂

How many men have you had sex with in your life? Since I have been married or before? Lol…you do know what a hotwife is, right?

Do you find women sexually attractive? Sometimes I see a gorgeous woman and I think, wow, I could do her.  I would do me if I saw me walking down the street.  I like tall, slim, busty brunets with large natural boobs.  They have to be very sensual too – hey that’s me alright…

What kind of car do you drive? I have a Z3 and I am selling it now.  Any ideas for me?

How many languages do you speak? Hebrew, English, Yiddish and some German

What countries have you traveled too? And where was your favorite? I have been to so many different cities all over the world.  I love traveling and I do it for both business and pleasure.  I try and stay at different places for a few months at the time so I really get to know the place, the culture and the people.  I love so many different places so I cannot choose just one.  My biggest dream is to go to Japan.  Any fans who want me there for a shoot?

What are your future goals? My dream is to be a guest on Howard Stern show, explore Japan for work and pleasure and to be a centerfolds on Playboy – not necessarily in this order 🙂

Any hobbies/interests? Kabala
Skinny Dipping
Yoga (preferably in the nude 🙂
Henry Kissinger
Middle East Politics
European Cinema
Large cocks!

Any other comments? Doing my website has been so exciting for me.  I enjoy every minute of it and I get to play so much more these days…Life is good!

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Loving Diana’s 34HH Interview

Thanks to the gorgeous Loving Diana for answering some questions for us fellow big breast lovers. 

Name: Diana
Age: 29
Country: Center America
Height: 5´
Eye Colour: Green Olive
Cup Size: 34HH

How did it feel to model topless for the first time? I was nervous and excited. My friend insisted me so much on photographing me my chests that I consented 😉 Really after the first session, I loved it, I loved a lot that I put my own website 🙂
Do you like or dislike the attention your breasts get from men? I like a lot the men to look at me to everywhere I go. My Big Boobs get the attention of the men instantly, and more because I love to use tight tops and marked necklines allowing to see my claevage ;) 

Do you ever use your “assets” to get what you want from men? I don’t make it on purpose, but I realize that yes I have good assets to obtain my whims. For example, when I visit night clubs to dance, I enter without problems to my friends, without making line. To the owners of the clubs, they love to see my chests dance. I think that until video they have taken:)
How many men have you had sex with in your life? 2 men
Do you find women sexually attractive? I think that the woman is beautiful by nature. At the moment I have not had some intimate experience with some woman, but maybe some day… if I have curiosity;)
Would you prefer to go out parting/dancing, or a quiet night home with a DVD? I prefer to go to the parties to dance, to pass a good time,  But I also love to have a calm night seeing movies and eating pop corns! mmmm!
What kind of car do you drive? My car is a Golf WV 2000, I love my car and I love the velocity!
How many languages do you speak? 1 1/2 ;)  100% Spanish, 50% English
What countries have your travelled too? And where was your favourite? Mexico, Panamá, Costa Rica, and I love the beaches of Cancun Mexico
What are your future goals? I want to continue with my site, I would like a lot to Travel to several countries, to know other cultures and people.
Any hobbies/interests? I like to cook, to read, to listen music, to dance, go out to walk, the beach mmmm;)
Any other comments? I want to thank to all the big breast lovers fans that they write me and they support me, I Want to invite all you so that you visit my site, daily update with the section “Pic of the day” plus monthly 3 sessions of pictures, videos and pictures dedicated for the members.

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Chestmeat Interview With Sexy Cindy Milley

A special thank you to Cindy Milley for spending the time to answer some questions.

cindy milleycindymilleybusty belgium

Name: Cindy Milley

Age: 19

Country: Belgium

Height: 5’2

Eye Colour: Brown

Cup Size: European 30H

How did you get into modelling?: Since I was 13, I was told to model because peoples found that I had a cute face. The fact I’m only 5’2 always made me hesitate. But it seems that my all natural 30H is a plus 😉 So, started my website about 8 months ago and it’s going pretty well. I love have news of people all around the world !

Will you ever pose topless?: The fact I’m still at school make me feel unconfortable with that. Imagine a teacher found my pictures ! But I won’t stay at school forever 😉

Do you have a most memorable photoshoot/modelling experience?: When I was shooting the schoolgirl outfit in the middle of the corn fields I thought we were alone. Not at all! There was a old timer car ralley passing like 50 meters away. And I become the most difficult obstacle to pass. They all stopped to watch me. And I become the official race girl that day!

Have you ever used your “assets” to get what you want from men? If Yes, Example?: I’m not a naughty girl… but I have to admit that sometimes being busty is really helpfull! I remember that day when I had no ticket for the bus and no money on me to buy one. And I was asking to the driver if, for once, it was ok to travel without having to pay. His answer was: NO ! Then I took a deep breath and one of my top button popped up display some nice, deeep cleavage… and since that day, I got my own free bus drive everyday !

At what age did your boobs fully develop?: Well, I just can’t tell, I’m 19 and my boobs are still developping… when I started my site I was 30G, and now my 30H bra starts to be a little too tight…

You are still at school, are the boys at your school aware of your website? If so, do they ever make any comments to you?: I think some of them are aware of my website…. but I’m sure all of them are aware I’m busty ! I just can’t hide it… Most of them are really, really nice with me… speacially when I got that little top with big cleavage;)

Are you currently in a relationship?: The one I love knows it… that’s all that matters 😉

What type of guy do you normally date?: Nice ones… I know it sounds so usual… but I like a guy that makes me laugh, makes me feel good… no physical type, just someone who treat me with respect and who’s not affraid of showing his feelings…

Are you a party girl? Or prefer a quiet night at home with a DVD?: I love to go to parties and dance all night! And trust me, when i’m in a club dancing, I like people to watch me ! But I also appraciate a quiet night, with my best friends, watching some love movies and eating chocolate (you know, Belgium, country of chocolate!!!). Btw, if any producer wants to cast me for an hollywood, my email is:

Are you a high heels or runners girl?: High heels would be very helpfull sometimes since i’m so petite… but honestly, I can’t walk with them. SO, runners girls!

Do you drink/Smoke?: I don’t smoke ! Bad for health, bad for teeth, bad for everything ! Drink? I appreciate some cocktails and sometime some belgian beers… but once from times to times, I prefer juice or milk ! 

Any pets?: I just got the little penguin you may see on my pictures lol

Any hobbies/interests?: My website is my biggest hobby ! I love working on it, buying clothes, taking pictures ! I also love to read the emails I receive from my visitors. I’m very interrested too in ecology, this world is our biggest gift… and we need to treat it better than we do for now.

What are your future goals?: Travel all oround the world. Visit all the countries, meet a lot of people and learn about foreign cultures. So, if you want to invite me to visit your country, I’m free from july 1st to August 31st !

Any other comments?: A huge kiss to Brad for helping me so much with my website ! Prepare the room, I can’t wait to pay you a visit in Australia !

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