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Anekee Van Der Velden Is Back From The Dead

Yup, she’s back! I was a huge fan of Anekee a few years back, and I must admit, I have jerked off to her pics countless times. Anyway, after discovering recently her site is back up, and she will be updating regularly, I had to go get my membership. I must admit, at first I was disappointed. For example, in her photo’s section there are only 14 photos sets, and not many pics in each set. Her diary section contains around 8 entries, each with a handful (no pun intended) of pics. Then she has another section called “Post Orgasm” which contains another 10 entries, each with a handful of photo sets. I have heard good things about her forum, but unfortunately it is not up and running yet, but will be soon. I guess if your after a shit load of Anekee content, you may be disappointed becoming a member. Anekee’s website is more about her writing, and not so much her tits. And I will admit, she is a great writer…but to be honest I am more interested in tits! I will keep my membership with Anekee for another month or so and see how her updates go. Plus I really want to see the forum. As for movies, there are none 🙁 So guys, this is my humble yet honest review on Anekee’s website. To summarize, Anekee is as hot as hell! I love her, I love her photos, I love her writing, BUT I WANT MORE CONTENT! Hopefully in time the site will fill up with more photo sets as she begins updating regularly. For those of you who are still curious about this mysterious busty creature, go check out her website –

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