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32G Cup Aria Valentino

Guys, great news for those of us who love new busty talent! Aria Valentino’s website has just opened for business. I gave you a sneak preview of Aria a couple of weeks back…well now her site is open I finally have more pictures of her. This gorgeous pre-med student formally from Venezeula has an amazing body! She is incredibly slim, yet managed to grow herself a natural pair of 32G Cup titties! Check out her new website at

P.S – You can watch AriaValentino’s introduction video here

aria valentinoariavalentino


5 responses to “32G Cup Aria Valentino”

  1. Aria Valentinon is the girl of my dreams just look at her.
    And i heard she just filmed some hardcore and fucking in camera!you can even see the trailer of her fucking in her website! lol
    This is my happiest dy cuz this girl is slim and naturally stacked just like i like them and to think she is a pre med student attending the University of miami… OMFG


  2. She’s gorgeous, and has amazing breasts. However, her breasts are clearly not large enough to fill a ‘G’ cup. She’s a ‘DD’ or ‘E’ at most.

  3. Phil, a ‘DD’ and ‘E’ are the same.

    A ‘G’ cup is 7 inches from ribcage directly under the breast to the fullest part of the chest. A cup starts with 1 inch and add an inch for each cup size after.

  4. Aria Valentino is simply amazing!! She makes my dick so fucking hard eveytime I look at her. I wish I could cum all over her big tits and fuck her pussy!!

  5. all my ex busty girlfriends i have enjoyed to fondle there tits and to share them with my mates this lovely ladys tits are made to share.

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